Difference between an air con regas and an air con service

Difference between an air con regas and an air con service
08/01/2018 GCCEM

Difference between an air con regas and an air con service

We often get asked what the difference is between an air con regas and an air con service.

The main difference is during an AC Service the system’s internal filter dryer is replaced in addition to the standard process undertaken with a regas.  This is why an AC service costs a little more than a regas.

AC Regas and AC Service Procedures



Recommended every 12 months


Recommended every 2 years

(service instead of your annual regas)

1 Check system operation & cabin filter condition Check system operation & cabin filter condition
2 Remove and weigh refrigerant Remove and weigh refrigerant
3 Filter Dryer not replaced during regas Replace Filter Dryer
4 Leak test system Leak test system
5 Put system under vacuum to remove moisture Put system under vacuum to remove moisture
6 Add compressor oil and UV Dye Add compressor oil and UV Dye
7 Add refrigerant and test operation Add refrigerant and test operation


In a standard regas, system operation is checked first.  The refrigerant is then removed and weighed to check levels.  The system is tested for leaks then put under vacuum to remove as much moisture as possible.  After the system has been put under vacuum, the correct amount of new refrigerant, compressor oil and UV dye is added. Another function test is carried out making sure the operating pressures are correct, fans are operating correctly and system is cooling adequately. The final part of the process GCCEM carries out is to re-inspect after about 2 weeks with an ultra-violet light to confirm no leaks are present (we do this at no extra charge).

During the regas process, the vacuum to remove moisture cannot remove it all from the filter dryer.  Over time the filter dryer will become saturated. The filter dryer’s job is to not only filter out contaminates but to remove and store any moisture.  This is why it is important to service your air conditioning system regularly and change out this dryer (at least every two years). The filter dryer is not to be confused with a cabin filter. A filter dryer is an internal component that filters refrigerant whereas a cabin filter, as the name suggests, filters air inside the cabin.

Failure to service/maintain your vehicles air conditioning system may eventually result in a system failure (see also expensive repair or parts replacement bills).

Some common causes of failure and reduced air con performance are:

  • Low gas means low system oil. If the compressor runs dry, internal surfaces can shear meaning a new compressor, full system flush and several other expensive components need to be replaced.
  • Moisture in system can also cause high operating pressures, fatiguing system components and reducing AC performance. i.e. higher temperatures out of the vent.
  • Moisture in the system can also create harmful acids as it mixes with refrigerant damaging internal components.
  • A blocked/dirty cabin filter causes poor air flow and reduced system performance. Poor air flow = higher temperatures inside the car.

If you would like to understand more about how the heating/air con system works generally, we can send you an animation video, just request a link to the video here.

Car air con systems operate at higher pressures in hotter weather making the system work harder, so if it has been more than 2 years since you had your car air conditioning serviced then it’s probably a good idea to bring it in before the next heat wave.

Get your Car Air Conditioning serviced on the Gold Coast by Gold Coast Car Electrics & Mechanical today and remain cool (and calmer) this summer!   We love to see vehicles with their AC system maintained regularly and GCCEM offers special pricing when getting a regas done with your regular mechanical maintenance service.

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