Keep your car air conditioning cool this summer

Keep your car air conditioning cool this summer
03/12/2015 GCCEM

Keep cool this summer with a regular car air conditioning service

Picture this. It’s 40ºC in the shade, you jump in your car, switch the air conditioning to full and get nothing but hot air…

With the long, hot Australian summer upon us, this scenario will unfortunately be played out for some unlucky motorists.

But, by having your air conditioning system regularly serviced, you can stay cool every summer, sure in the knowledge that your car’s AC will work when called upon.

Why your AC needs some TLC

The best way to look after your AC system is to have it regularly serviced.

Air conditioning systems work by evaporating and condensing a refrigerant gas. But over time, the refrigerant level can get lower and lower, making the system work harder and harder to achieve the same results. An AC system not functioning correctly may also be running at a much higher pressure. If left unchecked, the AC will either run out of gas or suffer a breakage.

One of the most common faults for a car AC system is compressor failure, often caused by low refrigerant and oil levels. The compressor is the only moving part of the system and needs oil to run smoothly – oil that’s circulated by the refrigerant. So when the levels drop, a breakage becomes more likely.

Get your AC serviced by experts

To avoid poor performance and faults, it’s recommended that you have your air conditioning system serviced at least once every two years, and inspected every 12 months.

If the system is low on gas and no leak can be detected a regas can be carried out. A regas involves removing and weighing the refrigerant to check losses. The whole system is vacuumed to remove any moisture, correct gas quantity added with oil and ultra violet dye, and a full system function test is also carried out. The ultra violet dye will provide a visual indicator for any future leaks.

A full AC service involves replacing the filter dryer, regassing the system, topping up oil and dye, replacing the cabin filter (if required) as well as cleaning it out and checking its functionality.

The benefits of AC servicing

Air conditioning systems can be very expensive to repair or overhaul, so a regular service every two years could save you a hefty repair bill in the long run.

A service will also ensure that the refrigerant and oil levels are closely monitored. This keeps the whole system in good working order, preventing the wear and tear that can come from low fluid or gas levels.

Above all, it’s important to have an ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) licensed operator perform any work on your car’s AC system. Just “look for the tick”, (, an ARC icon that “identifies a business or individual as being authorised to install, service and repair car air conditioners.”

Trust the Gold Coast car air conditioning experts

Gold Coast Car Electrics & Mechanical ( is an ARC licensed operator that specialises in car air conditioning servicing and repairs that keep you cool and offers great value for money.

GCCEM can regas, service or repair your AC system. We offer quality workmanship and advice.

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