Winter is here – is your car ready?

Winter is here – is your car ready?
31/07/2015 GCCEM

Winter is here – is your car ready?

It is important to maintain your vehicle throughout winter. Our winter maintenance checklist includes some valuable tips.

Air Conditioning

    • Remember to keep using your air conditioning throughout winter. Regular use will keep the oil circulating and seals lubricated prolonging the life of your air conditioning system.


    • Battery performance is reduced in cold weather due to slower chemical reactions and higher engine loads. As batteries age their capacity reduces and winter is generally when they will fail.
    • If your battery is not maintenance free, fluid levels can be checked, they should cover the plates by a centimetre or two. Use only distilled water and take extra care by using safety gear as batteries contain sulphuric acid.
    • Clean and tighten your terminals. Apply some Inox or petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.
    • Make sure your battery is securely fastened, a loose battery is unsafe and will reduce its life.
    • If you are unsure about your battery we can test both it and your alternator for free. If you need a replacement, we stock quality Century Batteries.


    • Check your tyre pressures and don’t forget the spare. Correct pressures can be found on the car’s placard or owner’s manual and should be measured when cold. Also check for bulges or flat spots.
    • Check your tyre’s tread depth, you need a minimum of 2mm at the lowest point. Incorrect pressures and low tread depth can limit your vehicles handling and braking performance especially in wet or icy conditions.


    • Wiper blades need to be replaced regularly, we recommend every 12 months. They are inexpensive and very helpful on a foggy morning (we replace these for free every second service).
    • Clean your windscreen and windows on the inside. A little methylated spirits with water in a spray bottle works a treat.


    • With the shorter days, lights are vital for driving in winter. Check all of your lights, consider upgrading to high performance headlight bulbs if you do a lot of night driving.
    • Examine your headlight lens for cracks. Internal moisture can cause corrosion of the contacts and globe failure. Also if the lens has gone cloudy this will affect headlight performance.  This can be fixed, just ask us how.


    • Check the condition of all belts to ensure they are not cracked, brittle, frayed, loose or showing signs of excessive wear. Cracks and deterioration can quickly lead to breakages in cold weather.

GCCEM can assist you with any of the above safety issues and more. Give our friendly team a call today if you have any questions, would like a quote or to book a time for us to inspect your vehicle.