Diagnosis & repairs

At GCCEM, we provide a full service to your vehicle’s aircon system so you can get it into perfect working order again. We also can carry out diagnosis and repairs to light vehicles, small to medium buses, trucks, plant and machinery.

It’s important to maintain and look after your car’s aircon because otherwise all it might take is a warm day and all of a sudden it could stop working. You don’t want this to happen to you at the most inconvenient time, so avoid the hassle and take care of your aircon with regular servicing.

Our experienced technicians are well equipped to diagnose and repair any AC system. From diagnosing compressor issues to fan problems our team can get to the bottom of it. We can manufacture new hoses and have access to a large range of genuine and aftermarket components including condensers, compressors, fans, receiver dryers, TX valves, pressure switches and more.

Air con servicing, diagnosis and repairs

If you’ve never had your car’s aircon re-gassed before, or serviced, you might be curious as to how it works. So we’ve come up with some facts below to help fill you in on aircon systems.

How does a typical AC system work?

The AC system works by compressing the refrigerant gas (generally R134a) and pumping it through the condenser where it is cooled and turns into a liquid. It then passes through the receiver dryer where it is filtered and moisture is removed. The liquid then travels onto the TX valve, which is a small orifice, and as the liquid passes through it reduces greatly in pressure and effectively ‘boils’ back to a vapour. This process absorbs a lot of heat just like boiling water does and this heat is taken from the air inside the vehicle. This heat transfer takes place inside the evaporator as cabin air passes over the cooling fins. The system also removes moisture from inside the cabin controlling humidity and assisting cabin comfort. Relative humidity levels over 75% feel uncomfortable so AC systems remove the moisture in the air through the evaporation process and it drips out through a drain tube leaving a puddle under the vehicle. The refrigerant gas is then drawn into the compressor where the process starts again.

Regassing is a great option to get the system running the way it should but it is not the best way to regularly maintain your AC, for that you need to have it serviced.

Your vehicle loses gas over time

Each year, your car can lose up to 10% of its gas from the aircon system. When this happens, it stops functioning at its optimum performance, and won’t produce as much cool air.  If there is a leak, it will lose gas much faster.

Regassing doesn’t take too long

To get your aircon re-gassed takes less than an hour, although some vehicles can vary. Ask about our specials when you get your air con re-gassed with your usual mechanical service. Leaks in the system are not always evident.  Sometimes we need to start with a dye service (regas) before we can carry out further diagnosis.  We can recheck your system in two weeks’ time, after the dye has had a chance to work through the system.

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