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The Trusted Providers of 4x4 Suspension Lift Kits on the Gold Coast

4x4 Suspension and Lift Kits

We’re proud to be an EFS Direct Distributor on the Gold Coast. Download a product flyer specific to your vehicle by clicking one of the links below.

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The Trusted Providers of 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits on the Gold Coast

Over Time Suspension Components Wear, Shock Absorbers Leak And Bushes Perish. And If Your Suspension Begins To Fail, Your Riding Comfort, Handling, And Braking Performance Will Be Affected.

GCCEM has a number of 4×4 suspension installation packages which cover all popular 4WD vehicles on the Gold Coast. Not only do we provide 4×4 suspension and lift kits at competitive prices, with both qualified auto electricians and mechanics onsite, we can also provide your dual battery systems, charge circuits, brake controllers, tow bars, bull bars, winches, snorkels, breather kits, catch cans & pre-filters, reverse camera, driving lights, headlight upgrades, Darche and Eva Cool products and other 4WD accessories.

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Why is vehicle suspension so important?

A 4WD suspension upgrade not only gives you riding comfort, it also helps keep the car stable when cornering and distributes weight when braking. It allows you to take your car off road and into rougher terrain without the fear of getting stuck or your standard suspension being damaged.

The better your suspension, the smoother the ride for you and your passengers, the better the load carrying capabilities, the better your vehicles ground clearance and the more robust the parts which should last you longer when putting your vehicle under pressure.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are driving your vehicle with worn suspension, it could make your car unstable and reduce vehicle control. Worn components can lead to abnormal weight distribution and poor contact with the road making cornering, high speed driving and emergency braking extremely dangerous.

The standard suspension of your vehicle is fine for day to day driving but if you want to head off road or carry heavy loads, it won’t keep up for long.

A simple upgrade would be to firstly improve the shock absorbers. Large diameter shock absorbers have larger oil capacity to reduce suspension ‘fade,’ while their stronger construction reduces the chance of something breaking.

If you load your 4WD up and it doesn’t sit level, you need to make some changes.

Whether you are planning to go completely off road and onto 4WD trails, travel remote, or tow a heavy trailer, your vehicle will perform much better with specifically designed suspension installed.

At Gold Coast Car Electrics & Mechanical, we can help upgrade the suspension on your 4WD including lift kits and fitting load assisting air bags. We supply and fit 4WD lift kits and suspension upgrades which can be matched to your requirements.  We love our 4WD suspension and upgrading our toys and yours!

For our 4×4 lift kits on the Gold Coast, we recommend EFS and are proud to be a Gold Coast EFS distributor.  We can also source and install other brands including Dobinsons, Bilstein, Terain Tamer and Oz Tec, among others.  We can help custom design your ideal 4WD setup for you.

We offer special package pricing if you are considering refurbishing your 4×4 with a complete suspension and lift kit set up as well as getting other upgrades done at the same time.  Why not get that dual battery system installed or the brake controller that you need to tow your caravan or camper trailer.

And best of all, interest free financing is also available for select 4WD suspension lift kits and 4WD installation packages on the Gold Coast.

If your vehicle fails its first inspection you have up to 14 days to repair the defects and have the vehicle re-inspected.

We can source and fit almost any 4×4 accessory for you.  For more information, please see our dedicated 4×4 accessories page here.


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