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Be sure to get the issue diagnosed correctly in the first place to avoid unnecessary spending

starter motors

Starter motors have a pretty simple job—powered by the battery, all they have to do is start the vehicle. If your vehicle isn’t starting, it may be more than just a battery or starter motor. Be sure to get the issue diagnosed correctly in the first place to avoid unnecessary spending.

The starter motor is powered by the car’s battery and is an electric motor that helps to start the vehicle’s engine. However, if your car isn’t starting, this doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with the starter motor – it could be another issue. Make sure you get the problem diagnosed by an expert before you replace those parts.


An explanation of starter motors​

starter motor replacement

Petrol and Diesel engines must be rotated before they can run under their own power. For this to occur the starting system needs to change electrical energy, stored in the battery, into mechanical energy, to turn the engine. Starter motors range in price from under $100 – over $1000, they are vehicle specific and have different fitting times for each vehicle.

There are a wide range of brands available from genuine to aftermarket. Aftermarket Starter motors are generally cheaper units made by third parties to fit your vehicle. Aftermarket starter motors are a popular choice as they are often cheaper than the original and sometimes carry a longer warranty, however be careful where these units are sourced from and remember you get that you pay for. We sell aftermarket starter motors but only use brands we have proven to be of acceptable quality.

Need a replacement starter motor

At GCCEM we have access to a huge range of starter motors to suit almost all vehicles, and we can help you find the one that suits yours. We have access to OEM, aftermarket and remanufactured starter motors. We even have a large selection of in-house reconditioned starter motors ready to go.


It can often be more cost-effective for your starter motor to be repaired instead of being replaced, we will let you know so you can choose the option that’s right for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Starter motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They do this by using a solenoid to control electrical current to power “field windings” and the “armature”. When these are energized they create magnetic fields that cause the armature to rotate. The armature is connected to a drive gear that will then rotate the engine.

Without proper testing, it is difficult to condemn the starter motor as there are many components in a vehicle that can cause it to not start. Common faults with starters are hearing a click and nothing else happening or noisy operation.

Worn brushes, these will stop the electrical circuit from being completed through the starter motor. A faulty drive gear may slip when engaging the engine. A faulty solenoid may stop electrical current passing to the motor circuits.

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