Air Conditioning Service

The aircon in your car has three main functions, it cools your vehicle, controls humidity and purifies the air.

It does this by evaporating and condensing a refrigerant gas. As time goes on, the amount of refrigerant gas in the system can decrease, affecting its performance and your driving comfort.

Airconditioning systems can be expensive to repair and like most components on your car it needs to be regularly serviced to help it last as long as possible.

One of the most common aircon issues is compressor failure, most likely brought on by system moisture or low refrigerant and oil levels. Because the compressor needs oil to function, if refrigerant isn’t pumping the oil around, it won’t be getting through the system and breakage can occur.

Getting your aircon unit serviced

To best look after your aircon, we suggest having your vehicle’s system serviced every two years.

An aircon service involves removing the refrigerant gas and carrying out a leak test, this is followed by replacing the filter dryer which is a component used to remove moisture and filter impurities in the system. Overtime the filter dryer will become saturated making it unable to remove any more moisture. Moisture in the system will cause it to run at much higher pressures and will result in premature system failure. This is why regular servicing and replacement of this component is vital. Once this is replaced we can add the optimum quantity of new refrigerant gas, compressor oil, leak detecting dye and check system performance.

We also check the condition of the cabin filter.

How to spot when your aircon needs a service

There are some signs you can take note of that indicate the aircon in your vehicle needs a service. These include:

  • Your aircon unit blowing hot air even when it is set to cold
  • The air doesn’t seem as frigid as it once used to be
  • There is no longer a puddle of water under the car when left running in one spot.
  • The aircon is making a hissing noise
  • There are some funky smells coming out of your air con.

If you notice any of the symptoms happening to your aircon unit then it might be a sign your vehicle is due for an aircon service, so give us a call.

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