Car Servicing

The most dangerous thing you likely do on a daily basis is drive your vehicle. This is why it’s vital your car is in the best shape it can be, to protect your family, yourself and your investment.

This is one of the many reasons why we believe it is important to maintain your investment with a regular car service on the Gold Coast. We use quality parts and oils so your car can run with optimum performance.

Logbook Service

Our mechanics carry out our work in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and only use parts that are the equivalent to, or exceed their standards. We will stamp your logbook to ensure that your vehicle warranty is maintained. As a bonus, all our logbook services include complimentary nationwide Roadside Assistance and Tyre Guard and no it is not a gimmick! For more information on what is available, click the link below.

Maintenance Services

We recommend regular servicing of your vehicle, however most customers prefer to service their vehicle once a year. We have designed our maintenance service to suit.
This fixed price service includes an oil flush to remove any gum or varnish deposits, a premium Ryco oil filter and the recommended Penrite oil replacement. In most cases we use a full synthetic oil specifically recommended for your vehicle. We will also carry out a full vehicle inspection and rotate your tyres.  Not all services are apples for apples.  So if your current mechanic is not doing all of these things for your vehicle with your service, ask the question why not?

Budget Service

We understand that people have budget constraints and sometimes just want only the basics. Our budget service suits those wanting only a basic service. Our mechanics carry out a full vehicle inspection, check all fluid levels, and report on any defects or upcoming maintenance requirements, providing up to five litres of oil and an oil filter.  SUVs, 4X4s and some exotic vehicles will attract a surcharge for this service. Does this sound like great value? It sure does! Call us today for a quote on GCCEM’s car servicing on the Gold Coast.

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