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At GCCEM, we are experts in sourcing a huge range of products and brands for your clutch and transmission needs, including brands Exedy, Extreme Outback, and more.


How a Clutch and Transmission Works?

A vehicle’s wheels need to be able to disconnect from the engine when it is in use, otherwise the car would turn off every time you hit the brakes.
A clutch allows a driver to keep the engine spinning while engaging with a non-spinning transmission, controlling the slippage between the two parts.

Therefore, it is paramount you keep the operation of your car’s clutch and transmission running well, as one cannot work without the other.

Common warning signs your clutch may need replacing

If you are finding your clutch is slipping, don’t ignore the warning signs, as unnecessary wear can mean it fails completely. Keep a feel out for a sticky clutch too. If your clutch is grabbing or sticking, it could mean you need a new clutch cable, or that the flywheel is damaged. Red flags should also be raised if your foot is going all the way to the floor when you push on the clutch. Clutch noise is another giveaway. If you notice a rumbling or squealing noise when you put your foot on the clutch, it’s time for a service. Remember, the earlier you discover the problem with your clutch, the easier and cheaper it will be to repair.

Common warning signs your transmission may be failing

Fluid leaks are one of the quickest and easiest ways to spot an issue with your transmission.
If you notice the transmission fluid continues to fall low, this is often a sign of a leak, which can be caused by worn seals, gaskets or axels.
Don’t ignore the little warning lights that can turn red on your dashboard – these can be trying to tell you your transmission fluid is warmer than it should be.
A strange sweet or tart smell coming from your engine could also be an indicator of transmission issues or a sign telling you to top up your transmission fluid.
And sounds are just as important as the smells – if you hear an abrupt grinding noise when you change gears, book in for a service.
And if your vehicle is slow to respond, this could be a warning sign something is up with your transmission too.

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