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Does your caravan or camper need more power to run all of your accessories? Are you dissatisfied with the lighting on your caravan, camper, or trailer? Don’t fret, we can help. We can also recommend new lighting or electrical upgrades and help with installation.


LED lighting

Have your trailer lights seen better days?
Consider upgrading to a set of LEDs. No more replacing bulbs – plus, they’re brighter than incandescent. Fully sealed light assemblies are perfect for boat trailers! LED lighting has a huge range of benefits – they use less power, are brighter, and they are more durable than other trailer lighting.

Power Supply Systems

Is the power supply system in your caravan not operating how it should? Get our advice today, and we can help you to install a new system that works more efficiently or simply repair your old one. We can supply and fit 240v inverters, full battery management systems, or simply an extra power socket where needed.

Solar Power

If you want to be able to free camp for an extended period, then solar power is a must. Ensure your caravan is still powered in the wilderness by installing solar panels and having no need for costly powered sites anymore. Whether you want to permanently mount panels to your roof or just use a foldable system, we can help you out with parts, installation, and advice.

Installation of inverters

An inverter in a caravan is very useful, converting the 12 volts DC generated from your battery into the 240 volts AC needed for other power sources. Unfortunately, many caravans don’t come with these inverters installed, meaning you have to get them put in separately. It’s not advised to try and install these inverters on your own if you don’t know what you’re doing; incorrect installation can lead to serious issues down the track. Before installing an inverter, several factors need to be considered apart from the obvious of what size system you need. Running electronic devices will require a pure sine wave inverter so you don’t damage the device. Inverters can come with remote display screens, auto-off functions, low battery cut-outs, and much more. Make sure you seek advice before purchasing one of these systems.

Modifying or Customising Electrics

No matter what the lighting job needed on your caravan, trailer, or camper, we are here to help! Contact us today for advice on modifying or customising your electrics.

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