Reverse cameras & sensors

Do you want your vehicle to be the safest it can be? Then perhaps it’s time to start thinking about the installation of a reversing camera or sensor. Whether you have a car, caravan, motorhome or truck; we can supply and fit systems to suit all budgets and requirements.

Reversing cameras and safety

Reversing cameras improve our reversing view and help you to manoeuvre your vehicle without driving in to objects or people.

These are a low-cost item that can save a life or even just a panel repair.

Over the past few decades, car design has changed dramatically. These days, we don’t have the huge review windows older model cars had. Car designs also feature smaller windows and deeper doors, reducing visibility.

Many Australians also like to purchase cars that sit high, creating further blind spots and making it even more difficult to reverse efficiently. All these reasons have given sensors and reverse cameras added importance.

More and more vehicle models are coming with reverse cameras as standard and in the future most will probably have them installed. But if you have an older vehicle – or even a new one without this specification – we can help you get one put in to your vehicle in no time at all.

The right reversing camera for you

At GCCEM, we generally use Polaris or Mongoose reversing systems. However, we are able to supply a large variety of cameras, including multi camera systems, so we can help you to choose the reversing camera that is right for you.

We also supply vehicle specific in dash systems, integrated rear vision mirrors, and dash or windscreen mount systems. No matter what  you require  to make your vehicle safer with sensors and reversing cameras, we can help. Simply contact us today for more information.

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