Trailers & Caravans

Trailer wheel hubs and brake systems are often neglected on trailers and caravans. But they should be treated just as well as the other vehicles you own.

It’s important to regularly maintain whatever it is that you tow – whether a trailer, caravan or camper van.

Simple tips for maintaining your trailer or caravan

There are some simple tips for keeping your trailer or caravan in top shape, and these are quite easy to follow. For example, try to only tow what you really need and don’t overload your trailer. Try and keep your caravan and trailer properly lubricated at all times – Check suspension bushes for grease nipples and lubricate the towball socket with grease. While you’re lubricating everything up, take the time to check for loose bolts and nuts, as frequent travel can loosen up joins.

When you refuel your vehicle check the trailer wheel hub temperatures, unless you’ve been braking heavy they shouldn’t be too hot.

Don’t forget about the seals and seams on your caravan and trailer either. The last thing you want is your caravan’s roof leaking and mould growing on the inside of the vehicle. And you want to try and prevent rust as well through regular maintenance.

It doesn’t hurt to check the voltage on your caravan once in awhile. Your main batteries should have a rest voltage of around 12.7 volts and be charging at around 14 volts. If they test below 12 volts this is a cause for concern and they’ll need to be looked at.

GCCEM trailer and caravan maintenance

We can help you with all the above checks on your trailer or caravan, and more. We can also give you a helping hand if you want to upgrade your lights to the more economical and efficient LED light fittings. We provide full trailer rewiring and can help with simple trailer plug replacement too.

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