Electric brakes & brake controllers

Brake controller installs on the Gold Coast

Want to tow something that has electric brakes? This can be a tricky operation, but we have you covered.

For the tow, you are going to need a brake controller; a device that determines how hard or soft the brakes will be applied on the trailer. This system should only be installed by professionals like us, as if done incorrectly can potentially damage your vehicles on-board computers, fail prematurely or operate incorrectly.

Brake controller installations

Brake controller units come in many shapes, sizes and prices, from basic units to proportional brake controllers with remote heads.

The most popular brake controllers we supply and fit are the Redarc Towpro and Tekonsha P2, which represent excellent value for money and can handle both electric and electric over hydraulic applications. Our team have fitted countless controllers to many types of vehicles, including brand new Porsches, Audis, Jeeps and Landcruisers.

We also carry out diagnosis and repairs to electric brake components on trailers, so that you can tow safely.

Towing safely

If you want to tow an item but you’re unsure as to what your vehicle needs to do it, you need to go through our checklist to ensure you hook up your trailer or camper van properly.

Firstly, determine what brakes are on the trailer you’re towing. Anything you are towing that weighs more than 750kg will need brakes, and there are three types – hydraulic or cable brakes, electric brakes, and electric over hydraulic brakes. The latter two of these will need electrical brake installation.

Some brake systems have a break-away feature to apply the brakes should your trailer detach itself from your vehicle, this system will also require a power supply to charge the back-up battery.

You might think it’s easy to do a DIY job when installing electrical brakes, but be careful as mistakes can be costly! And before you begin, make sure you’ve checked the warranties and insurance on all items and vehicles involved.

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