Electronic fuel injection

The function of your fuel injector is vitally important for your engine’s performance. Fuel treatments and additives can assist their function but a full overhaul can often be much more beneficial. Injector overhauls needn’t be expensive, and the savings you make in improving fuel economy and engine power will be well worth the service.

Diagnosing and repairing EFI systems

We diagnose and repair EFI systems and replace faulty components. An electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is complicated and operated by computer controls within your vehicle. These computers analyse data from many sensor inputs and then control fuel injection timing, providing the utmost power and fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

However, sometimes these EFI systems can  develop faults with injectors, fuel pumps, filters or other components. Using diagnostic testers, we can figure out what is wrong and help repair your vehicle.

Symptoms showing problems with EFI systems

If you have problems with your EFI system, you can usually tell from different symptoms including poor fuel economy, backfiring and rough idling. If you are having these issues, contact us today to get them fixed. By getting your EFI system cleaned frequently, you can ensure your vehicle is always operating at its optimum power.

At GCCEM, we have a range of fuel injection and engine treatments to help improve your vehicle’s performance.

Improving performance for your EFI system

It can be cost effective to service fuel injectors by removing and ultrasonically cleaning, overhauling, flow testing and refitting. This can help restore performance, economy and repair running issues. Try not to let the problem with your EFI system go on for too long as it can really do damage to your vehicle. Come and see us today and we will let you know your options on how we can help.

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