If you feel there is a problem with the steering system on your vehicle, don’t wait, come and see us today so we can ensure you are driving safely on the road.

Oil leaks, worn components and electrical issues, steering systems faults can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle as can their operating principles. Understanding how these systems operate, being able to correctly diagnose faults and repair issues to the highest standard are what we do.

Not sure what your vehicle needs? Thankfully, at GCCEM, we can help. We carry out all repairs and maintenance to your vehicles steering components.

Common issues with steering

There are a few common issues with steering systems that you should be aware of so you recognise when they happen to your vehicle.

Excessive steering wheel play

If your steering wheel has excessive free play side-to-side.

Hard steering

If you are finding it difficult to manoeuvre your car and the steering wheel is heavier than usual.

Wheel alignment

If your vehicle is pulling to one side or if your tyres are wearing unevenly.

Worn ball joints or rack ends

If you can feel or hear knocking when travelling over bumps or turning the wheel side to side.


Power steering fluid leak

Sometimes the fluid can leak from your power steering system, if your power steering fluid reservoir is low, the fluid has to be going somewhere. You might also notice a strange burning smell. A whining noise in your steering pump could also indicate a power steering fluid leak.

How we can help with your steering issues?

We can diagnose and repair electric steering systems, test and recalibrate sensors. We can test and replace faulty components including Power Steering Pumps, Steering Racks, Ball Joints and Rack Ends.

If you feel your vehicle has a problem with its steering, or you simply wanted to ensure your steering is maintained, make sure you contact us today for a quote and to see how we can assist.

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