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Regas (Dye Service)

Is your car air conditioner getting a little warmer? Chances are it needs to be re-gassed, and our team will get it done in no time. Aircon re-gassing involves recovering the gas in the system, carrying out a leakage test, adding oil to lubricate the compressor, along with dye, so you can spot a leak should one develop in the future.

The system is put under vacuum to remove any moisture and we then add the correct amount of refrigerant to your aircon system and check how it’s functioning and whether its operating pressures are at the right level. We also check the cabin filter as this is an important aspect of the service.


When was the last time yours was replaced?

Did you know that it is normal for up to 10% of the gas from the aircon system in your vehicle to escape each year?
This means that overtime it will start to lose its capacity and is also why every so often, you will probably need to get your aircon re-gassed.

An air conditioning re-gas is helpful to get your AC system running at optimum levels again but it’s not the best way to maintain your AC, for that you will need a full AC service. Our highly qualified team can also help you with air con servicing, air con system repairs and more. If you’d like more information about our services, call the team at GCCEM or check out our home page.

Our Range of Expert Services

We understand that sometimes you don’t have the time to make it to our service centre, which is why we can also come to you.
For your utmost convenience, we can come out and service / repair your aircon, with our mobile aircon regas van on the Gold Coast.

This is particularly convenient for businesses who wish to minimise their equipment downtime or expensive transport costs.

As part of our mobile services, the GCCEM team also provide auto electrical and air conditioning work – just call us on (07) 5597 4774.

What’s the difference between an aircon re-gas and an aircon service?

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