Car alarms & immobilisers

Car alarm not working or immobiliser preventing your car from starting?

Having an immobiliser and/or a car alarm on your vehicle greatly reduces the chance of it getting stolen. When your systems are playing up or not working as they should, they can quickly become annoying and catch you out at the most inconvenient of times.

The importance of having a car alarm or immobiliser on your vehicle

Vehicle theft is a huge drain on resources, wasting police time and costing insurance companies and car owners a lot of money. We all invest a lot of hard earned money in our vehicles and often love to accessorise them with all the latest gadgets.

In Queensland alone, hundreds of vehicles are stolen each month, and many aren’t recovered.

By installing a high quality car alarm or immobiliser on your car, you can avoid becoming a statistic. In fact, some insurance companies will offer you a reduced premium if you can prove you’ve had an approved immobiliser fitted.

Ensuring your immobiliser is approved by government standards

By law, you need to have an immobiliser either factory fitted or one that is installed according to Australian standards.

If your immobiliser isn’t fitted properly, and your car is stolen, your insurance may not cover you for the theft.

Make sure you have your system installed by a licenced professional, like GCCEM, otherwise you may not be covered. Also ensure that your insurer is informed on any changes.

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