Radiators & cooling systems

When was the last time you had your coolant replaced? Most manufacturers recommend replacing it every 2 years.

Coolant contains corrosion inhibitors that protect your engine from the inside, so it is vital to replace it to keep your vehicle in top condition. Incorrect type of coolant in your car’s system, or low concentration levels, can lead to premature engine and cooling system failure. Engine coolant also increases the boiling temperature and reduces the freezing temperature of the fluid, without it or at reduced levels you can cause serious engine damage.

Common issues with radiators and cooling systems

Engine overheating, is the most common cooling system issue, it can be an internal flow problem, an external air flow problem, poor quality coolant or several other issues. If you notice the engine temperature is too high, it’s important you stop driving your car immediately as this can damage the engine if there’s a problem with the radiator.

Coolant leaks are another common issue, usually these are obvious but if you can’t see a puddle on the ground it may be leaking inside the engine.

Internal corrosion in cooling systems can cause major issues, incorrect coolant type or too weak a mixture can cause major engine corrosion. If left too long the only fix will be a new engine.

Electrolysis can be a huge headache, when present it can eat through components in no time at all. If you’re having issues with electrolysis not all is lost, we have been successfully repairing these issues for years.

Another common  problem is when the engine’s cooling fan stops working, stopping air from flowing and keeping the coolant temperature regulated.

We test coolant condition as part of a maintenance service

If your system is not up to scratch we can carry out  a cooling system flush, cleaning the internal components and replace your coolant.  We can supply and fit new radiators, water pumps, cooling fans and any other cooling system component. So if you’re looking for radiator repairs on the Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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