Dual batteries & charge circuits

Are you after a dual battery system on the Gold Coast?

You’ll want to ensure it’s wired into your vehicle by a licensed and experienced professional (particularly if you use your vehicle to go remote). Before purchasing and installing a new dual battery system or a charge circuit for your auxiliary batteries, there are a series of questions you need to ask yourself.

What are the batteries going to be used for?

For example, you might want to carry a fridge in your 4WD, and therefore need a dual battery that will support the fridge’s power.  Custom designing a system to suit your requirements is always best and something that is worth getting a professional to do.

What size cable do you require?

This is a common area that many people get wrong, most people fit cable too small for their requirements limiting the systems performance. Length of cable, current draw, battery size and usage are all important factors that influence cable size.

What battery output do you need?

Determining the battery output requirements will also influence other factors.  Factors that need to be considered are things such as usage, (how will the battery be used), location, (only certain batteries can be installed under bonnet) and size available, (how much space do you have).

Do I need a specific dual battery or charge system?

The short answer is, yes, if you are fitting a dual battery system or charge circuit it will need to be customised to your vehicle and your requirements. If you are unsure what you need – no problem! Bring your vehicle in and we will provide you with professional advice and a quality install.

Setting up the dual battery system

Every customer has a different need for their dual battery system and many vehicles are different. This means there are many ways to set up dual battery systems and it’s important you get it right for your caravan or 4WD.

For example, Century’s new range of 4×4 batteries are the perfect option for many under bonnet dual battery systems, seeing as the range is a heavy duty hybrid cranking and semi deep cycle battery.

Want to know more?

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