Dash Camera Installation on the Gold Coast

Drivers across the Gold Coast are lining up to buy dash cameras for their vehicles. Our dash cameras are specifically designed to capture Australian roads, as well as any incidents that may happen while you’re on them. Dash cameras are an essential tool when it comes to bingles and accidents that occur whilst you’re driving, as they act as an impartial witness to the events. At Gold Coast Car Electrics & Mechanical, we provide installation of dash cameras to ensure that when you take to the roads, you’ve got a reliable pair of eyes to vouch for you in case something goes away.

Which Type of Dash Camera Suits Your Needs?

Not every dash camera will be right for you, and it’s important to do a bit of research before you buy. Single lens dash cameras are mounted on your dashboard and record front-facing footage. They are the easiest to install and are often the most affordable option, but they don’t cover incidents that occur to the side or rear of your vehicle.

Multiple lens cameras cover several angles – front, rear and side – so you’ll have evidence of incidents occurring no matter where your car is hit. Front and rear dash cameras come as one or two units, but can be more difficult to install. More cameras mean more battery power required, meaning that it may need to be wired directly into your car. These can also be used to record footage from inside the car, useful for ride share services.

The Best Place to Buy Dash Cams on the Gold Coast

If you’re interested in buying a dash camera or are interested in our solar panels or other products, talk to the installation experts on the Gold Coast. You can reach us on (07) 5597 4774 or submit an enquiry.

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